Real Estate Solutions – Case Study from Colin McCleery

Real Estate Solutions – Case Study from Colin McCleery

May 6, 2024

Connor McCleery graciously allowed us to interview him about his experience with Forefront CRM and why he recommends it to other real estate investors who are worried that leads, deals, and real estate solutions are slipping through the cracks.

Connor’s company flips houses, wholesales, and buy and holds. They currently have 12 deals in the works.

He transitioned to Forefront from an overly complicated system that caused him to feel it was doing things he didn’t even know about. He loves the simplicity of Forefront and how he always knows where everything is at all times.

It’s straightforward. What you see is what you get, and it just makes sense.

Connor McCleery – Yellow Hammer Investment Group

Watch the video below to hear Connor’s Forefront CRM review.

Connor McCleery’s Yellowhammer Investment Group, LLC is a real estate solutions company that proudly serves Mobile, Alabama and surrounding areas. They specialize in helping individuals who are encumbered with a property they want or need to sell. With over 20 years’ experience they have been able to help countless homeowners by providing fast, fair solutions to their real estate problems. 

If you want to sell your house fast in Mobile, Alabama makes sure to visit

You can expect a cash offer for your house in Mobile from Connor and his team.

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