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This mission drives us to create a real estate investor CRM that doesn’t fit the mold of the typical CRM.

We don’t want to have the most features.  If you try to do everything, you won’t do anything well.  We are fanatical about developing our system with our customers’ input and constantly improving the experience.   Yes, we actually care about the experience. 🙂

Our Story

We’ve been building CRMs for real estate investors (namely ourselves) since 2003. We’ve built a giant All-In-One system and felt it was just too complicated. Yeah, it sounded great for marketing to have all those features, but, at the end of the day, people didn’t really need them….and they didn’t want the complexity.

We scrapped that system. Yes, even after spending over a million dollars to build it. That’s how serious we are.

We can’t be the best at everything, but we can be the best at the most important things. With a CRM, that is maximizing the number of deals you can get from the leads that come into the system.

Simple as that. Period.

We are laser focused on that.

That is who we are.

Our founder, Danny Johnson, was a software developer before becoming a real estate investor. He started flipping in 2003.

As his house flipping business grew and the leads became more consistent, he realized he had a serious problem. His notebook and spreadsheets weren’t doing a good of job of keeping him on top of all of the callbacks and follow up. In fact, he almost never followed up more than one time after making an offer.

Not good.

So he built a CRM that he could run on his laptop. This way he could take it with him and have all of his leads and information about them at all times. This worked for years.

We built the LeadPropeller real estate investor website platform during this time based on all the success he was having generating motivated seller leads from his website.

As his business grew, he found he needed to bring on help. He just couldn’t do all of the marketing, lead intake, deal analysis, acquisitions, rehab management anymore. It was just too much.

He needed a system that would allow multiple users. Luckily web technology had improved tremendously so that a web application could be built to allow multiple users.

This was awesome! Everyone on the team was on the same page. There was no more confusion about who was responsible for what. Before communicating with a seller it was super easy to catch up on what was going on by reading all the notes. With long term follow up, sometimes the timeline for a single lead to become a deal can be several years! That can be a lot of notes from a lot of people, some of which didn’t even work there anymore.

Of course, this allowed the team to be much more efficient. The deals started flowing big time!

That system was called REImobile. The problem…no mobile app. It was super clunky when used on  a smartphone.

Over time, the technology the system was built on became outdated. It was time for a new system.

Why not build a new system from the ground up that did everything we ever dreamed of? What could possibly go wrong?

A lot. Think Homer Simpson car.

the Homer Simpson car

We called this CRM FlipPilot. Danny happens to also be a pilot, hence the aviation themed names. 🙂

When we try to be everything to everybody, we fail to be good at anything. That’s kind of what happened. The system was way too complex and the usability suffered.

What a huge learning experience. Everyone told us they liked REImobile better. Ouch. We had spent a million dollars to build this new system.

The team felt we should approach a new system with the principle of Occam’s razor. Basically, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. In our case, the simplest solution is the best one.

We decided to go into this one with the fewest assumptions we could possibly make as to what other real estate investors needed in a CRM. You can imagine how hard this was. As a real estate investor himself, Danny wanted the system to have way more than we agreed to allow.

The first iteration of FlipPilot 2.0 was embarrassing simple. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. We didn’t want to copy other systems out there, even our previous systems. We wanted to innovate. We wanted to come up with a better solution.

First, we had to define what, at its core, the CRM was for. Why did real estate investors even need one? Somehow that got muddled with the introduction of all of the CRMs now available with a million and one features. At its core what we wanted was to have the simplest system that didn’t sacrifice power.

In order to do this we needed to dial in our focus on what the system would do.


Our diehard customers helped guide the development from the embarrassingly simple tool to what it is today. They helped us stick to the ‘keep it simple’ principle.

With their guidance we chose to focus on innovating around improving the lead to deal conversion. Basically, we are insanely focused on helping you have the best odds of turning a lead into a deal if you run it through our platform.

This means we let everyone else chase each other to add more and more fringe features while we stay dialed in to improving the thing that matters most…more deals.

We’d love to have you on join us on this journey.  Our mission is to help 1,000 real estate investors double their average monthly deals. 

Will you be one of them?

Our Team

FounderDanny Johnson
Danny Johnson
Josh Evensen
Josh Evensen
Shawn Pivonka
Shawn Pivonka
Lead Engineer
Justin Felisco
Justin Felisco
Software Engineer
Nate Lobdell
Nate Lobdell
Onboarding Specialist
Ray Javier
Ray Javier
Customer Success Specialist

Our History – We’re Here For the Long Haul

  1. December 2012
    Company Formed
  2. April 2014
    LeadPropeller Launched
  3. May 2015
    REImobile Launched
  4. October 2015
    Flipping Junkie Podcast Launched
  5. September 2018
    FlipPilot 1.0 Launched
  6. November 2019
    FlipPilot 2.0 Launched
  7. March 2021
    FlipPilot Rebranded as Forefront CRM