We Are Forefront

Our vision is to help real estate investors reach their full professional and personal potential while enjoying life.

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We are OBSESSED with helping you turn more leads into deals with less work.

This mission drives us to create a real estate investor CRM that doesn’t fit the mold of the typical CRM.

We don’t want to have the most features.  If you try to do everything, you won’t do anything well.  We are fanatical about developing our system with our customers’ input and constantly improving the experience.   Yes, we actually care about the experience. 🙂

Our Story

We’ve been flipping and wholesaling houses since 2003. Working with multiple thousands of motivated sellers over the years to do nearly 1,000 deals, showed us the importance of having a system to organize the leads.

We spent far too many years thinking the only way to grow was to do marketing and add more marketing channels.

That resulted in frustration and burn out!

It wasn’t until we built REImobile (our first CRM) to manage leads and automate follow up did we realize that we didn’t need more leads, we just needed to get better at turning our leads into deals.  

This was a huge mindset shift.

Rather than trying to have all features for all investors, we decided to focus and become the absolute best at turning leads into deals.  We are fanatical about your lead to deal conversion rate. 

This allowed us, and will allow you, to go deep on a few marketing channels and make more money with less work.  

Our vision is to help real estate investors reach their full professional and personal potential while enjoying life. 

This is only possible if you have a business that operates in a consistent and predictable manner.  That’s what Forefront is here to help you do.  Go you!

Who We Serve

We proudly serve real estate investors that are marketing to motivated sellers and wanting to turn more of those motivated seller leads into deals.  

Our customers choose us because they want a simple to use system that works.  Many come from other CRM’s that have tons of features but feel they were all mediocre.  The systems had it all but did none of it well.  


Our Core Values

The Forefront Advantage

As most investors know, there are plenty of CRM’s out there.  Prices range from free and low cost general use CRM’s like Podio to Salesforce solutions that require $5,000 licenses plus monthly fees.

We felt there was a huge gap that we could fill.  The low end Podio type solutions are far too cumbersome for investors to the point they feel they become a full-time admin of it rather than doing deals.  The high cost systems have features and extra cost that the bulk of real estate investors will never use or need.  Why pay for what you don’t need and won’t use?

We focus on building a cost effective platform that our customers see as an investment because it helps dramatically increase ROI.  We don’t waste time on features like “lead” lists when you can get far better lists from existing sources.  We focus instead on adding features that help you rapidly increase your lead to deal conversion rate.  

Ready to join the Forefront community? We’re looking forward to getting to know you. 🙂

Our Team

FounderDon Costa
Don Costa
Josh Evensen
Josh Evensen
Shawn Pivonka
Shawn Pivonka
Lead Engineer
Justin Felisco
Justin Felisco
Software Engineer
Genebabe G.
Genebabe G.
Genyl G
Genyl G.
Customer Success
Nathaniel N
Nathaniel N.
Jerome P.
Jerome P.

Our History – We’re Here For the Long Haul

  1. December 2012
    Company Formed
  2. April 2014
    LeadPropeller Launched
  3. May 2015
    REImobile Launched
  4. October 2015
    Flipping Junkie Podcast Launched
  5. September 2018
    FlipPilot 1.0 Launched
  6. November 2019
    FlipPilot 2.0 Launched
  7. March 2021
    FlipPilot Rebranded as Forefront CRM