Active leads at the Forefront with automated follow up in the background.  

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Why Forefront?

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Visualize your workflow

Easily customize your lead stages pipeline so that your team always knows what to do next.

  • Easy Drag N Drop functionality
  • Color-coded cards bubble up important leads
  • See where every lead is at-a-glance
  • Ensure tasks are done before progressing
"I love how visual this system is! You log in and all your leads are right there in front of you which makes it easy to quickly determine what needs to be done."
Lydia Taylor Picture
Lydia Taylor
Copper Key Properties

Automate your follow up

Benefit from as many as 50%+ more deals with Forefront handling your follow up for you in the background.

  • Drip SMS/Emails/Scheduled tasks
  • Messages automatically personalized
  • Set a year worth of follow up messages within seconds
  • Be at the forefront of the seller’s mind when they are finally ready to sell 
"Forefront is sending hundreds of texts and emails on a weekly basis without us lifting a finger, leading to constant revived interactions with leads that would have been forgotten about in other systems."
Zach Mitchel Zenn Homebuyers
Zach Mitchell
Zenn Homebuyers LLC

Track all communication

Integrate with CallRail to track marketing calls, SMS, voicemails, and calls so you know who said what and when.

  • Send/receive calls/SMS messages in Forefront
  • Track your marketing campaigns per phone number
  • Record/listen to call recordings/voicemails
  • See entire communication history for each lead
"With several members on our team, we love having the ability to see all of each other's communications in one place. I'm able to listen to my assistant's call, see past sms messages, and send a new text all without ever leaving the lead!"
Dan Franks
Dan Franks
Jeannette and Dan Buy Houses

One Focus

While others get bogged down creating and supporting too many features that complicate their system and confuse their customers, we focus on features that improve your ability to turn a lead into a deal. Simple as that.

forefront crm one focus deal conversion vertical
forefront crm one focus deal conversion
Star Star Star Star Star

Convert deals efficiently and effectively! That’s what Forefront enables our team to do without getting bogged down in countless manual tasks, lost leads, and loose ends.

Forefront simplifies the user experience and embeds our business processes so it’s easy for our new and experienced teammates alike to focus not on our technology, but on our core business of building relationships with sellers and closing deals.

Don Chamberlin Profile Picture
Don Chamberlin
3D Property Solutions
Star Star Star Star Star

Forefront has been instrumental in allowing me to scale my business with detailed KPI’s that point me to my highest revenue generating lead sources and helping me manage leads from incoming to closed.

It has become my most used tool in taking my business to the next level.

Doug Price Picture
Doug Price
Journey Properties LLC

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