No lead left behind.

Features that allow you to effortlessly keep track of your leads and follow up so you can convert more leads into profitable deals!

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Organized + Consistent Follow Up = More Deals


Visual Pipeline

Our drag 'n' drop pipeline allows you to visualize and customize your workflow. Know EXACTLY where every lead is at a glance. Our algorithm bubbles up which leads need attention.


Automated Follow Up

Follow up campaigns that can follow up for you, in the background, with SMS, Email, Tasks. Convert more leads into deals with messages that aren't pushy or salesy.


Dead-simple Setup

Don't waste weeks trying to customize a system only to find out it's not right for you. Sign up and start using immediately. Your time is better spent doing deals!

Lead flow made simple.

Take leads from different sources and create an action plan (workflow) for each one. Then set up multiple drip campaigns suitable for each lead and situation.

All lead info in one place

Forget about clicking around all over the place to different ‘Apps’ to see all the relevant info for a lead.

  • Notes
  • Communication History
  • Activity Timeline
  • Contact Info
  • Property Info
  • Lead Info
  • Motivation
  • Lead Temperature
  • Property Map
  • and more…

Automate your follow up

Set follow up with sellers to happen in the background. Real estate investors can convert as many as 50%+ more of their leads into deals with consistent follow up.

  • SMS messages
  • email messages
  • tasks for your team (call, etc)
  • starting a new drip sequence
  • moving lead to the pipeline
  • archiving the lead
  • where lead goes when the seller replies
  • where lead goes after the sequence finishes

Track all communication

Quickly get back up to speed on what’s been said and when between you, your team, and the seller.

  • See SMS messages sent/received
  • Listen to recorded calls and voicemails
  • See notes left by you and your team
  • See calls made by you and your team
  • See inbound calls from sellers
  • See if an inbound call/SMS was handled by your team
  • Filter to see all inbound communications that haven’t been responded to
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Forefront has been instrumental in allowing me to scale my business with detailed KPI’s that point me to my highest revenue generating lead sources and helping me manage leads from incoming to closed.

It has become my most used tool in taking my business to the next level.

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Doug Price
Journey Properties LLC

Tasks made simple

Automate and setup to ensure required tasks are completed on time. Easily setup manual follow up tasks so that your team knows who to call/text and when!

Tasks automatically created

  • when a new lead comes in
  • for each stage of your pipeline
  • as steps in follow up sequences
  • delayed before/after an event is triggered

Other task features

  • Assign to team members
  • Notifications for you and your team
  • Require completion before status change

Everyone knows what to do next

Ensure every team member knows exactly what they are responsible for and what takes priority.

The Up Next page

  • shows incomplete tasks
  • allows filtering by team member
  • shows associated lead information
  • allows working down the list fast
  • shows appointments
  • shows leads no longer in follow up

Team members can mention each other in notes to get feedback and keep all communication regarding a lead within that lead.

Your numbers in real-time

Our KPI’s dashboard shows you real-time data so that you can see trends week over week and month over month. This allows you to see where the inefficiencies are.

KPI stats:

  • for 27 data points
  • filtered by your desired timeframe
  • allow you to spot trends early
  • allow you to spot inefficiencies
  • allow you to monitor performance

Funnel stats:

  • show what is happening with your leads
  • show where leads are falling out
  • can be shown by marketing campaign
  • can be shown for different time period
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I love how visual this system is!

You log in and all your leads are right there in front of you which makes it easy to quickly determine what needs to be done.

Getting the system set up and configured the way you want it takes no time at all.

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Lydia Taylor
Copper Key Properties

iOS App

Access to all of your leads, tasks, communications when you’re not at your computer.

  • Mention team members in lead notes
  • Custom notifications for different events
  • Call out using your phone numbers
  • Sent SMS messages with your CallRail numbers
  • See your tasks and complete them
  • Native app for fast and easy use
  • Designed for the iPhone

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