Best Real Estate Podcasts for Success

Best Real Estate Podcasts for Success

March 28, 2024
Best Real Estate Podcasts Primary

Finding reliable sources in the vast world of real estate information can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best real estate podcasts – essential listening for serious investors. These shows delve into the strategies and insights used by industry leaders to build wealth through property. Whether you’re interested in commercial real estate or house flipping, these podcasts offer actionable advice for your investment journey. With hosts like David Greene and Rob Abasolo, you’ll gain valuable market analysis and learn from their proven success stories.

Key takeaways

  • Learn from the best! These top podcasts offer insider tips and strategies for real estate success, from flipping houses to building an empire.
  • Sharpen your real estate skills with these expert-led podcasts. Discover proven strategies for flipping, investing, and building wealth.

Exploring the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

As the name suggests, the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is a go-to for learning about real estate investing. From the latest economic trends and real estate tactics to one-on-one coaching and tips for beginners, hosts David Greene and Rob Abasolo cover a lot of ground with three episodes every week.

If you’re new to real estate, you could check out the BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie Podcast as well.

Understanding the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

David Greene and Rob Abasolo co-host the popular industry program The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast. From absolute beginners to real estate moguls, it covers almost every subject a real estate investor would like to learn about.

To date, they have conducted weekly interviews for more than five years and have more than 600 episodes.

Apart from having terrific guests who share real estate investing strategies that work, David and Rob share their own stories as well, as they are both seasoned real estate professionals with years of experience in the field.

  • Hosts: David Greene, Rob Abasolo
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
  • Average length of episodes: 40 to 90 minutes
  • Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Topics covered: Real estate investing, flipping, wholesaling, rental properties, mortgage, apartment investing, real estate tax, and more

How BiggerPockets aids in real estate investing

Billing itself as a democratized grassroots “movement” in the real estate developing community, BiggerPockets is an independent information source and professional social network of more than two million members. Its official website serves as a marketplace platform to support financing, funding, and property sales transactions.

Airing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, BiggerPockets’ Real Estate Podcast is the premier real estate investing podcast, as well as BiggerPockets’ longest-running daily real estate podcast.

Ideal for property investors of single-family homes and other properties (along with their advisors), this weekly podcast concentrates on dispensing key guidance to help both well-established multimarket firms and smaller real estate players who are eager to grow their portfolios.

To keep things interesting, the podcast features interviews with active and passive investors from across the US, detailing their personal success stories while dispensing invaluable tips.

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show: A Comprehensive Review

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show is hosted by Michael Bull and began airing all the way back in 2010. During that time, Michael’s affable interviewing style with high-quality guests has garnered a large and devoted following.

The show started on the radio and is now available weekly in both video and podcast format.

An overview of America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

Michael picks economists, analysts, and industry leaders to share the latest market news and developments along with forecasts and strategies for successful commercial real estate investing.

One listener said, “You just are not informed if you are not a regular listener. Michael’s show is like the deep-dive cousin in the real estate news family, much like “Nightline” takes on world events. Just as Ted Koppel used to cover the most important news, Michael is our modern-day Ted Koppel for America’s commercial real estate news.”

  • Hosts: Michael Bull
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Wednesday
  • Average length of episodes: 20 to 40 minutes
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate to advanced
  • Topics covered: Multi-family, commercial office, senior housing, student rentals, self-storage, and top trends affecting real estate

Impact of America’s Commercial Real Estate Show on commercial real estate

Whether you’re just getting started in commercial real estate investing or are an experienced investor, Steffany Boldrini’s weekly podcast provides the steps she takes to make her commercial real estate portfolio successful along with the lessons learned along the way.

She invests in a wide gamut of asset classes including retail, office, and self-storage, and covers best practices for purchasing, operating, and exiting your properties.

A recent episode we enjoyed covered the questions to ask a self-storage broker, how to underwrite the deal, and how to present an offer.

  • Hosts: Steffany Boldrini
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Thursday
  • Average length of episodes: 15 to 20 minutes
  • Difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate
  • Topics covered: Understanding leases, how to find a great operator, pros and cons of different asset classes, and how to scale your business

Unraveling the Secrets of ‘Real Estate Rockstars’ Podcast

Real Estate Rockstars has more than four million downloads from over 100 countries. It’s one of the industry’s go-to podcasts to learn from up-and-coming agents, seasoned brokers, and experienced real estate investors.

Hosted by Pat Hiban, who is a billion-dollar agent and best-selling author, Real Estate Rockstars features many notable guests such as Robert Kiyosaki, Barbara Corcoran, and Ryan Serhant.

What makes ‘Real Estate Rockstars’ unique?

Pat does an excellent job of providing actionable tips and motivating advice in his tri-weekly podcast. Aaron Amuchastegui also takes the lead in a special State of the Market episode where he dives into all the latest buzz and shifts shaking up today’s markets.

One listener said, “If you are in the Real Estate industry, this podcast is a must listen. I listen to this podcast to stay up-to-date with the current real estate industry rends and new real estate industry updates. I would definitely recommend listening.”

  • Hosts: Pat Hiban and Aaron Amuchastegui
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Monday and Thursday
  • Average length of episodes: 40 to 60 minutes
  • Difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate
  • Topics covered: Lead generation and conversion for agents, sales training, online marketing, and success tips

‘Real Estate Rockstars’: A game-changer for real estate agents

The Massive Agent Podcast hosted by Dustin Brohm is another pod we have learned much from, geared towards real estate agents and loan officers. The primary goal of the podcast is to help take your real estate business and marketing systems to the next level.

Dustin is able to distill great ideas, tips, and strategies down to an easily understood level. As he says, “If I can do it, you can do it.”

Some of our favorite discussions have covered topics such as how to best use social media platforms, finding leads using Zillow and, personal branding, and video marketing.

  • Hosts: Dustin Brohm
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Thursday
  • Average length of episodes: 40 to 60 minutes
  • Difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate
  • Topics covered: Growing an agency, increasing sales, trends, best practices, and how to prepare for a recession

The Impact of ‘Level Up: From Agent to Entrepreneur’ on Real Estate Professionals

Another podcast that features interviews with movers and shakers in the real estate field, Level Up: From Agent to Entrepreneur distinguishes itself from its closest competitors by offering in-depth insights into the art and science of building and leading effective teams.

Though it might not get as many updates as some of the others we’ve talked about, this one’s a goldmine for those new and ambitious agents eager to make their mark and climb up to leadership or even ownership roles.

Breaking down ‘Level Up: From Agent to Entrepreneur’

This masterful podcast also speaks to established real estate professionals, showing them ways to do their jobs better and reach new levels of success.

Whether you’re a real estate rookie or a seasoned pro, there’s something on this talk program for you.

How ‘Level Up’ empowers real estate professionals

Why You’ll Love It: The heart of Level Up is host Greg Harrelson. A real estate broker, entrepreneur, and business coach, he offers a range of real estate tools and learning opportunities through his online coaching marketplace Real Estate Sales Solutions.

If you’re looking to gain and spread inspiration, this podcast just might be the motivational force you need – whether that’s insights from established pros or learning through strategic sessions with up-and-coming agents.

Recent episodes of Level Up include “Be Non-Negotiable About Your Business,” “Online Lead Conversation Just Got Harder,” “Top Agent Priorities in the New Year,” and “Do Something Every Day…Even If It’s Wrong.”

‘Real Estate Coaching Radio’: A Must-Listen for Aspiring Realtors

In this “best of” list, we have compiled some of the most popular and highly rated real estate podcasts to help you continue your education of the real estate world.

We also reached out to several informed and motivated property brokers and agents (see panel of experts below) who are passionate about the podcasts they listen to.

Why ‘Real Estate Coaching Radio’ is a must-listen

Whether you’re keeping up to date with industry trends, growing a successful real estate business, or pursuing another aspect of your real estate career, you can find a podcast that speaks to virtually any interests and concerns you might have.

Although different podcasts inevitably mean different things to different people, the 13 market-leading, boundary-pushing podcasts below are a great place to start.

‘Real Estate Coaching Radio’: A catalyst for success in real estate

To help you get started and load up your “Play Next” queue, we’ve made a list of some of our favorites to help get your wheels turning for you and your business. And, to really help you be well-rounded in more areas than one, we’re including our best picks outside of the real estate world.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best podcasts out there for real estate, business, goal-setting, and everything in between. Check ’em out.

‘Keeping It Real’: A Podcast that Transforms Real Estate Brokers

“If you are in the Real Estate industry, this podcast is a must listen. I listen to this podcast to stay up-to-date with the current real estate industry rends and new real estate industry updates. I would definitely recommend listening.”

Understanding the essence of ‘Keeping It Real’

REAL Trending also provides tips and tricks on how to grow personally and professionally.

You’ll gain insights on how to improve your negotiating skills, be more confident, and change your mindset to reach your goals. With dozens of episodes in our collection and new ones released weekly, our real estate podcast can help you take your business to new heights.

‘Keeping It Real’: A transformational tool for real estate brokers

What Is the Best Real Estate Podcast?

The best real estate podcasts for agents will provide up-to-date information that can ensure you’re in the know in this ever-changing industry.

FAQs in Relation to Best Real Estate Podcasts

Does Grant Cardone have a podcast?

Yes, Grant Cardone hosts “The Cardone Zone,” where he discusses wealth building, sales strategies, and business growth.

Who is the host of the Real Estate Today podcast?

The Real Estate Today podcast is hosted by Stephen Gasque, who brings insights from industry experts to his listeners.


In wrapping things up, diving headfirst into the world of real estate doesn’t have to be daunting—thanks largely to these top-tier podcasts guiding us every step of the way. From revealing behind-the-scenes looks at lucrative deals to demystifying complex investment concepts, each episode is packed with golden nuggets designed specifically for ambitious folks ready to take their portfolio up several notches.

The beauty lies not only in gathering tips but also connecting dots between seemingly disparate pieces of advice across different episodes—and suddenly realizing how they fit perfectly within your strategy framework as if missing puzzle pieces found their place all along. So go ahead; give them a listen because these best real estate podcasts might just hold keys (pun intended) unlocking doors toward financial freedom much sooner than anticipated!

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