Release Notes 10.06.21

Release Notes 10.06.21

October 6, 2021

We’re happy to announce some new features added to Forefront!

  • The new and improved Forefront Email!
  • New UI for SMS and Emails

You heard that right! We’ve got a better email solution for you!

  • You now have the ability to set up your own Gsuite/ Google Workspace emails, or custom domain email to be used to send and received emails.
  • Add emails for each individual using the system.
  • Set up your own signature with images.
  • Use Forefront like a normal email by Forwarding emails, replying to all, adding a CC, or a BCC as well.
  • Your emails are now presented as threads!
  • Email Stats are now available! Find out how many emails were delivered, opened, failed sending, if links in the email were clicked and if someone unsubscribed or complained about your email. (Only available for custom domain email integration not gmail integration)
  • You can send attachments via email within Forefront! (Only available for custom domain email integration not gmail)
  • You can send emails in behalf of a team member.

There are a lot of new things to mention and we want to make sure you get to use this feature as fast as possible and as smoothly as possible, check this article out so you can begin your setup!

(Note: To all our existing customers upon release of this feature you will be required to set up the Forwarding email for your email address please follow this article: How to set up Email Forwarding, here is where you can get the Forwarding email address as well, Forefront Email Connecting Gsuite/ Google Workspace email(s) )

We overhauled the UI for sending texts and emails! We now have the threaded view that we are familiar with mobile apps and most systems, this makes it easier to backtrack conversations and to lessen confusion when going through all the messages!

Learn more about the new email feature through the link below!


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