Release Notes 07.26.22

Release Notes 07.26.22

August 2, 2022

We have made some changes to allow for more accountability and ease of use with Forefront phone numbers!

We have added phone agents and allowed users to attach themselves instead of just using phone numbers.

User numbers

Now when you selecting a phone number for the dial or simultaneous ring you will see a list of the users in your account as well as any phone agents you have set up.

Make sure that your users have phone numbers set within their profile if they are being put into answering sequences or the answering sequence will not function properly.

You may need to go through any answering sequences that were already made before this update to correct any errors that may be present.

Phone agents

Phone agents can be created at the bottom of your phone settings.

These can be used as extra numbers that don’t need there own user, if you have another team member that doesn’t need their own user account, or anything you may need them for.

A phone agent must have a phone number to be created and they can not be the same as the numbers within any of your users profiles. If you use a duplicate number to create your phone agents then they may not work properly and cause any sequence they are in to not work properly.


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