Release Notes 07.08.21

Release Notes 07.08.21

July 8, 2021

We’re happy to announce some new features added to Forefront and bug fixes!

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Duplicating- Pipeline Views, Follow up Sequences, Snippets and Call Scripts
  • Email contents are now viewable after being sent out.
  • Link Field for Tasks
  • Links or URL’s added are now clickable

Appointment Reminders

You asked and we made sure to provide it! You and the seller can now be reminded whenever an Appointment is about to come up! They can now be notified by either text or email!

(You may access this through the new “Appointment Settings” inside Settings)

Click here to learn more!

Duplicating- Pipeline Views, Follow up Sequences, Snippets and Call Scripts

Gone are the days where you have to repeat what you have done, you can now duplicate stuff and just modify it according to your needs!

Link Field for Tasks

You can now add links within tasks, this helps you input more necessary details when a task is created and assigned to a team member!

Links or URL’s added are now clickable

Just as it says! when you add links to custom URL fields or any URL fields that you add are now clickable!

We hope you enjoy the new features. If you have any ideas on how to improve Forefront or find any bugs please email us at And join us every other Wednesday at 10:00 CST for a Zoom Q&A session. The next session is on July 21st Here is the link:


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