Release Notes 06.23.21

Release Notes 06.23.21

June 23, 2021

We’re happy to announce some new features added to Forefront and bug fixes!

  • New notes/text editor
  • Description Fields for Pipeline Views, Follow Up Sequences, and Snippets
  • The Pipeline settings section
The New Notes and Text Editor!

You spoke and we heard you! We have finally revamped our Notes and text editing section which you can see when you add notes, send texts, send emails. Notes will no longer be deleted completely when you just want to delete 1 piece of information! Mentioning or tagging team members is now easier! (Yes you can now use the up and down arrow on your keyboard to select the person to be mentioned) Snippets, Options for Highlighting, Strikethrough, Bold, and Italicize numbers and bulleted lists are also available, and adding “Shortcodes” is now more intuitive and a lot easier!

Snippets, Mentioning, Highlighting, Strikethrough, Bold and Italicize, numbers and bulleted lists.

The new way to Add “Shortcodes” all you have to do now is type in a bracket and the list of all the “Shortcodes” will now be pulled up! (Applicable to Texts, Emails, and Follow up sequences)

Description Fields for Pipeline Views, Follow Up Sequences, and Snippets!

When you create Pipeline views, sequences, and snippets. they all now have a description field which means you can now provide further information to what you create for other people to know what it is for!

The Pipeline Settings Section

To further improve the interface of Forefront, we’ve made it easier for you to create new Status’s and add different Pipeline views and “Status Automations” by providing you a dedicated section for it called “The Pipeline Settings” found inside the “Settings Section”

We hope you enjoy the new features. If you have any ideas on how to improve Forefront or find any bugs please email us at And join us every other Wednesday at 10:00 CST for a Zoom Q&A session. The next session is on June 23rd Here is the link:


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