Release Notes 03.15.22

Release Notes 03.15.22

March 15, 2022

We have made some changes to further improve the experience and usability of Forefront!

After the release of our newest UI, the team still moved onward and pursued to update and optimize the UI even more with some feature tweaks, and tons and tons of bug fixes.

You can now edit Tasks within the Up next page!

When you are inside the Up Next page, you can now edit the actual task especially if you have to make changes or need to adjust the date of the task when the need arises, no need to be in the actual lead anymore, fewer clicks!

The “Deals” North start metric is now clickable to show your deal purchase for the month!

Dead Leads is now sorted from newest to oldest!

There might be times that you would need to check the most recent leads that were marked as dead, so we changed the sorting of these dead leads from newest to oldest.

A secondary address field has been added for leads.

The total count of all past due contacts is now part of the Owner EOD report!

For better accountability and tracking for system owners, we’ve added the number of past-due leads that require contacting or manual follow-up!

A visual error is presented if a text failed when trying to use a shortcode!

Whenever you are running a follow-up sequence or doing status automation, not all leads will have the information with the shortcodes you use, and you will never know if the text actually got sent out, so we’ve added a visual error whenever a shortcode fails, or the shortcode did not find the necessary information to send the message.

Dead Lead Statuses can now be filtered!

You can set what Caller ID Phone number shows when using Forefront numbers (Note, this is only for the actual Phone number, the unique name of the Caller ID is not included or part of this feature, This is only available for Forerfont Phone numbers)

If you have any ideas on how to improve Forefront or find any bugs please email us at And join us every other Wednesday at 10:00 CST for a Zoom Q&A session. The next session is on March 16th Here is the link:


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