Follow Up For Real Estate Investors in 2022: The Definitive Guide

Follow Up For Real Estate Investors in 2022: The Definitive Guide

November 22, 2021

chapter 1 fortune in the follow up Why Fortune Is In the Follow Up

Real estate investor follow up is now critical. Investors that consistently follow up are doing as many as 60% to 80% more deals than those that do not.

In this guide, you’re going to find out how to navigate the landscape for 2021 and into 2022 so that you can create a follow machine that helps you do dramatically more deals.

I’ll start with a quick story about what follow up has done for me in my real estate investing business.

Several Year Follow Up Lands $50,000 Wholesale Deal

It was about 8:00 on a Wednesday morning. The old truck came barreling down the neighborhood street and jumped the curb into the front yard of the 100 year old house I was about to buy.

Forget the driveway. This seller was all about making life easy.

He wasn’t always so anxious to sell. In fact, it took 8 years for him to finally agree to sell to me!

I had called him dozens of times over the years. His statement was always that his daughter didn’t want him to sell the house.

He was living in the large old house alone and it was in need of serious repairs.

When that phone call came in and he mentioned he was ready to sell, I couldn’t believe it. It had probably been a year since I had last spoken with him.

I put the house under contract and then wholesaled it for a $50,000 profit without touching it.

Was it worth it to make sure I kept in contact with him? Heck yeah!!!!

Do You Consistently Follow Up?

How many motivated sellers have you stopped contacting after they told you they weren’t ready to sell for what you had offered?

As a real estate investor myself, for nearly 20 years, and having had been in contact with thousands of motivated sellers, I can tell you that I was more interested in finding the super motivated than staying in touch with the unmotivated or at least “not motivated enough to take my offer” sellers.

I was more interested in finding the super motivated seller than staying in touch with the unmotivated or at least “not motivated enough to take my offer” sellers.

Danny Johnson – Founder, Forefront CRM

Most sellers are simply not ready to part with their house right away. Over time though, most of them do sell. The question is: who are they selling to?

They are selling to the person that is in contact with them when their motivation finally reaches the tipping point!

93.7% of real estate investors don’t follow up for more than 1 week after making an offer. That statistic is just an educated guess…how could anybody possibly know the exact number? ;). But I would venture to guess that most investors would agree that it’s pretty accurate.

I know it was true for me for the first 9 years of my real estate investing career.

How many touches does it take until they sell?

The most common sited figures are from these oft-cited sales statistics:

Image Source

This says that 90% of sales people quit after 3 attempts!

This is why the number we gave earlier of 93.7% of real estate investors fail to follow up past 7 days is in-all-reality fairly accurate.

I actually prefer Alan Dibs’ lead nurturing model from his book The 1-Page Marketing Plan:

Image Source

For real estate investors, my experience is it’s not as much hitting a certain number of “touches” or contacts before a seller magically decides to sell to you. No, I believe it’s simply all about being top of mind for the seller as their circumstances change.

It’s simply all about being top of mind for the seller as their circumstances change.

Think about it. Most sellers have an idea that they will be offered something lower than what they think the house is worth. But, I’m sure you’ve experienced this, they usually are at least a little shocked at how much lower our offer usually is.

This shock does wear off given enough time and their logical mind starts to play around with the trade off of them having to make repairs and sell it themselves.

You want to be there, top of mind for them, when this happens.

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Dramatically Increase Your Odds of Buying More Houses

After receiving a motivated seller lead, they should be added to your CRM where repeated contact can be made over time.

This not only ensures you follow up longer than your competition, it also gives you consistency of messaging and timing.

It’s important to note that when we talk about contacting sellers to follow up it doesn’t mean pressuring them obnoxiously to sell their house. It’s about building a relationship by simply asking if they’ve done something with the house and if there is anything you can do to help them.

Simply checking in consistently is key!

This is what separates the top real estate investors from the mediocre herd.

This nurtures leads over time, building trust and credibility.

That’s what we are covering in more detail throughout this guide.

myths preventing follow up Myths Preventing Real Estate Investors from Following Up

At Forefront, we had a good opportunity to dig into why so many real estate investors do not follow up with motivated sellers.

During one of our bi-weekly group customer Zoom calls, we asked who was utilizing the follow up systems within Forefront CRM. Half of the attendees said they were and half said they were not.

Before I could ask or say anything, the half that said they were using the follow up were jumping all over the half that were not.

“You’re missing out on deals!!!!”

“You’re leaving money on the table!”

“What are you thinking?!?!”

So we got some answers from those not doing follow up even though they know fortune is in the follow up. Maybe some of these will resonate with you.

Myth #1: Continuously Following Up Is Being Salesy/Pushy

“We don’t want to piss off the sellers!”

This myth is by far the biggest culprit in keeping real estate investors from following up with motivated sellers until they sell.

The big issue here really has to do with perception.

Are you truly working to help motivated sellers solve their problems?

If yes, then isn’t it true that you are doing a disservice to them if you don’t try your best to do so?

Following up is NOT about getting in their face constantly asking them to sell to you. No, no…big fat NO!

Rather than “convincing” sellers to sell to you, follow up’s job is to simply stay top of mind, reminding them you are interested and ready when they are.

Rather than “convincing” sellers to sell to you, follow up’s job is to simply stay top of mind, reminding them you are interested and ready when they are.

Don’t worry, we share examples of how to do this in a way that will endear you to the seller later in this guide. You can click here to get access to 4 follow up drip sequences with dozens of messages you can use immediately.

Myth #2: They Won’t Take My Offer Anyway

“They didn’t show any signs at all of being open to my low offer, why would they reconsider a week later?”

I’ve had people laugh at me. Others have yelled at me. I’ve heard of people threatening investors and eventually changing their mind and selling to them.

All of these tough situations happened when the offer was made, not with follow up.

They are the extreme.

The thing is, we cannot make assumptions about how motivated a seller may or may not be. If we do that we will not follow up and our chances of getting the deal will be exactly 0%.

I once had a seller that could not accept my offer because they owed more than how much I offered. With some follow up, they actually decided to come to the table with money to make the deal happen. Had I thought they would never do that and declined from making an offer or had not followed up, I would never have done that deal.

How many of these deals are you missing out on each year?

Time has a way of motivating people. Circumstances change. A “no” today, could be a “yes” in 2 months, 6 months, or 2 years.

Myth #3: I Don’t Have Enough Time

“I’ve got to get more marketing out to generate more motivated seller leads to do more deals. I’m answering calls from new motivated sellers and don’t have time to follow up with unmotivated ones.”

This was my modus operandi for far too many years. It seemed easier to try more marketing channels and generate more leads to find the super motivated sellers that would sign right away.

In fact, I wrote a book called “Flipping Houses Exposed: 34 Weeks In the Life of a Successful Real Estate Investor” that showed me doing exactly that. In the book, I documented everything I did in my business for 34 weeks.

I had generated 495 motivated seller leads. Mind you, these were qualified leads, meaning they contacted me because they wanted an offer from me to buy their house.

This was not a list of addresses I bought from ListSource to mail to.

495 motivated seller leads! What an incredible feat in 34 weeks, I thought…

The glaring issue was that I had only turned 11 of those 495 leads into a deal… 🙁

That’s horrible!

This was because I was not following up. Had I been following up religiously:

  • I would not have had to do as much marketing…
  • Not as many calls would have had to be answered…
  • I would not have had to do as much deal analysis…
  • Not as many appointments would have had to be scheduled and attended…
  • I would not have had to waste so much time!

Following up actually saves you time because you can do more deals without having do all of the other things required to find, analyze, view, offer on, etc new leads.

Plus, there are ways to utilize automation from modern CRM’s that allows you to follow up without any effort! More on this later in the guide!

Were Any of These Myths True For You?

Are any of these myths keeping on you on the sidelines with regard to following up? Let us know in the comments below!

chapter 3 - ways to follow up graphic Ways To Follow Up With Motivated Sellers

Times have changed since putting a note in my daily planner to call a particular seller.

That is NOT a scalable process!

There are so many tools that make it very simple to follow up in several different ways.

Phone Calls

Obviously, connection is best over the phone.

If you’re making calls to sellers to follow up from time to time, it’s best to have a log of notes somewhere. This way you can get up to speed on where you last left off and have information that shows you are professional enough to remember previous conversations.

Notes about past calls also allows you to ask about things happening in their life. This is really huge. If you’re not doing this, you are not having calls that are as effective as they could be.

Here’s a couple examples of real notes from leads in my Forefront CRM account:

notes from motivated seller lead in Forefront CRM
sample of notes from a motivated seller lead
more notes from another motivated seller lead in Forefront CRM
samples of notes from another motivated seller lead

Pro Tip: If you are making calls, call them from the phone number the seller called to reach you. This is important when using different phone numbers to track your marketing. You want consistency and getting calls from numbers you don’t know reduces the odds of those calls being answered.

Text Messages

Text messages get read. That’s why they work.

According to SMS Comparison 95% of SMS messages are opened. Even better, that same 95% are responded to within 3 minutes!

Image Source

Here are some tips to ensure your text messages work for you instead of against you:

  • Keep them short – nobody likes long walls of text
  • Do not include links – links can prevent your text from getting delivered
  • Include personalization – people are more likely to respond if the message was clearly meant to be for them
  • Ask a question – the goal is to elicit a response and continue the conversation

The Follow Up Messages That Get Responses section of this guide has some examples to follow.

You can also download the exact sequences we use. They have text messages you can use or tweak to your liking. 🙂 They’re free! Click below to get them.

Email Messages

Email works. Always has. Always will.

Unlike a phone call or text message, you won’t be interrupting them with an email. This is why I personally love to use email as a part of my overall follow up strategy.

2021 email open rate graphic

Email is and probably always will be a great option for making contact for real estate investor follow up. According to a study done by CampaignMonitor, the average open rate in 2021 across all industries was 18%.

According to ConstantContact, that average was measured at 20.2% as of November 2021.

You’re about to find out how to blow those open rates out of the water!

The trick with email is getting them delivered and opened.

This is how you do just that:

  • Use a short, compelling subject line
  • Personalize the message to their specific situation and/or property address (THIS IS HUGE)
  • Include credibility items like testimonials and Better Business Bureau logos
  • Include a picture of you in the email signature
  • Elicit a response by asking a question at the end and having a call to action

Direct Mail

A handwritten thank you note mailed after making an offer to a seller goes a very long way. How many of your competitors do you think are doing this? Yeah, ZERO.

With all of the competition these days, every little thing we can do to stand out and be different multiplies our effectiveness.

Direct mail takes time. This isn’t something that’s super convenient but that’s why your competition isn’t doing it.

Seriously, try sending a Christmas card to all the sellers you weren’t able to buy from that haven’t sold yet this year. Then, let me know how many deals and how much revenue it adds to your business. 🙂

Ringless Voicemail

This is where you send a voicemail to the seller’s cell phone without it ever ringing.

I’m not a fan.

Our follow up campaigns need to seem like they were personal communications with the seller. Ringless voicemail smacks of spam to me. I’m annoyed every time I get one on my phone because I know it’s spam.

Then there is the question of legality. “Dropping RVM on cell phones is illegal without some type of prior express consent,” is how it is stated here:

Ringless Voicemail Compliance: 2021 Forecast (You’re Going to Get Sued For Using It)

chapter 4 when to follow up graphic When To Follow Up With Sellers

During the lifecycle of a lead, there are multiple stages where follow up is necessary.

follow up during lead lifecycle graphic

New Lead: No Contact

This happens in the following situations:

  • Missed call
  • New website lead
  • New response to cold text campaign

Basically, any time someone reached out but you or your team never got to talk with them to get some info and set an appointment.

Best Forms of Contact: Calls/Texts

Duration of Follow Up: At least 2 weeks

This stage of follow up usually is best achieved with calls and text messages. The point is to simply get in touch with them to keep the conversation going and get an appointment set.

CallHippo found that 6 phone call attempts dramatically increases your odds of making contact to 90%.

Image Source

They had a reason to contact you. Do not give up on trying to get back in touch with them.

Appointment Set

“No show” appointments are not only a huge waste of time, they also lower morale.

You can prevent most of these by reminding the seller of the appointment before heading out to it.

Best Forms of Contact: Calls/Texts

Best Times to Contact: Day Before, 2 Hours Before

These are best automated so they don’t get missed.

This is how easy it is to send an appointment reminder when scheduling an appointment with Forefront:

appointment reminders in Forefront crm screenshot
Appointment Reminders in Forefront CRM

Offer Made: Motivated Seller

You’ve made an offer and the seller has circumstances that lead you to believe they will sell quickly to someone.

If there is even a small amount of follow up done by real estate investors, it’s usually for this situation. With very good reason.

Best Forms of Contact: Calls/Texts

Duration of Follow Up: Until they sell

This situation will usually pan out within several days to a week, if they are truly motivated.

The calls and text messages should be daily for a couple days and then every 2 to 3 days.

real estate investor waiting for seller to contact them back meme

This is not the time to wait and hope. They are motivated, they will sell. If for some reason they do not, continue following up but slow your frequency.

Get our “Offer Made: Hot” motivated seller sequence with what messages to send and when (along with 3 other sequences) by clicking the link below:

Offer Made: Unmotivated Seller

You’ve made an offer but the seller seems to be wanting retail or is just kicking tires.

At this point, most investors will make the assumption that a deal will never happen.


They are just not ready right now. 2 weeks, 2 months, or even 2 years from now, they very likely could be. They were in a tough enough spot to reach out to get an offer right now which puts them in a bucket completely different than most people listing their houses with agents.

Best Forms of Contact: Calls/Texts/Emails

Duration of Follow Up: Until they sell

Adding emails into the mix here works well because it gives you a chance to send credibility building messages that have testimonials from past sellers and links to your Better Business Bureau listing (you do have this, right?).

Follow up should be spread out much more than what you would do with a motivated seller. The key here is to stay in touch but not to the point where you become a pest.

Old Lead Reactivation

Are you sitting on a gold mine?

If you have old leads that you never followed up with or stopped following up with, you can “reactivate” them.

This is simply making contact with them again to see if they ever sold. Don’t waste your time looking up whether they sold or not.

Simply sending them a message asking whether they sold the house is enough to get a response. Plus, if they haven’t sold you will have started the conversation again.

Best Forms of Contact: Calls/Texts/Emails

Duration of Follow Up: Until they sell

Sending these messages out doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Forefront allows you create Snippets so you can create the text or email message once and reuse it over and over.

creating an email snippet in Forefront CRM graphic
Creating a reusable Email Snippet in Forefront CRM

So many real estate investors work hard at trying to drum up new leads when they have old leads that can be reactivated. This is the fastest way to bump your deal count and revenue WITHOUT ADDING COST!!

And of course we have a sequence you can use for this magical reactivation of old leads:

chapter 5 best times to send follow up messages graphic Best Times to Make Calls and Send Texts/Emails

I hope by now you’ve committed to changing your ways and adding follow up to your house buying game.

It’s time to dial the follow up in a little more.

There have been a lot of studies done on when it’s best to send texts/emails and make calls. We’ve taken the time to go through these studies and, along with our own experience of following up with motivated sellers, here’s what we recommend.

Let’s dig in!

Best Days and Times for Calling Motivated Sellers

CallHippo found Wednesday to be the best day to make calls.

Image Source

They also found the best times of day to call to be between 10am – 11am and between 4pm – 5pm.

Image Source

Best Days and Times for Texting Motivated Sellers

When sending text messages for following up with motivated sellers, it makes sense to target when most people are active on mobile devices.

According to a study done on device usage throughout the day, it appears early morning and late at night are when most people are active on their devices.

Image Source

The issue here is that most people do not like to get text messages really early in the morning or late at night.

If you look at the graph, there is a slight dip in the daytime that appears around and just after lunch. This is a great time to reach out with motivated sellers.

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Best Days and Times to Email Motivated Sellers

CampaignMonitor did a 2021 email benchmarks study that stated email open rates for Real Estate based emails had an average open rate of 19.7%. In the image below, I also highlighted the one above it, ‘Professional Services’. I feel follow up as a real estate investor is more in line with offering professional services. That open rate average was 18.3%.

2021 industry global email benchmark study results
Image Source

With the tips given in the ‘Ways to Follow Up with Motivated Sellers’ section, you will see much higher open rates that range from 25%-40% or higher. This is especially true if you include the property address in the email subject line of your emails.

When we consider which days are best for sending emails, we can turn to the same study.

Image Source

Basically, it doesn’t matter which day you send your follow up emails!! The numbers are almost identical.

Personally, I like to have emails sent first thing in the morning around 7:03. Yes, I use random times because most of my emails are automated in Forefront. This helps them to appear to be sent by me instead of a machine.

The idea for morning emails is people typically go through their emails in the morning to work on them. If you send in the afternoon, there is higher likelihood they will be busy doing things and will put off responding.

This is where your own measuring and testing is necessary. What could work great for one person, may not work well for another.

chapter 6 follow up message examples graphic Follow Up Messages That Get Responses

Following up is an art involving communication to elicit responses. The goal here is simply to stay top of mind and nurture the lead over time with a long-term, cohesive conversation.

How do you do that?

Simple. You keep the conversation short, sweet and to the point. You ask questions that get them to respond without pressure.

Here are some proven messages you can use or tweak to fit your voice or the voice of your acquisitions person.

Text Follow Up Messages

Situation: Text after Offer Made

Message: Do you have any questions about the offer we made on [property address]?

This message is short, sweet and to the point. It is personalized with the property address which will help with ensuring it seems like someone actually typed it out. This is important, especially when you utilize automated follow up like Forefront CRM has.

Situation: Text after no contact has been made for several weeks or more

Message: Did you sell [property address]?

We want to continue the conversation so this one is very likely to get a response. Once they respond, you can ask things like what has kept them from selling. This will give you insight into what hurdles you need to overcome to get the deal.

Situation: Text after a month or more of no contact

Message: [first name], hope you are doing well. Just a friendly reminder that I’m still interested in [property address]

This message is intended to not make them feel like they need to respond but just another reminder that you exist and are interested. We don’t want all messages making them feel like they need to respond as they eventually will just start ignoring them all. Oddly, this type of message still gets a response!

Situation: Text after several months

Message: I need to buy another investment property this month and [property address] came to mind. Did you ever sell?

This message gives them the thought that you might pay more because you need to buy another and gives them the ability to respond quickly with yes or no.

Email Follow Up Messages

Subject: how’s it going with the house?


Many of the people that have sold their house to us leave us great reviews and recommend us to family and friends.  

They end up so relieved the house is sold so they can move on with their lives.

They tell us they decided to sell to us because of the ease, others it’s the cash offer, for some it’s because we take care of the paperwork, legal issues, and repairs…the list goes on. But…if you chose to sell your property to us for cash, why would you? 

We’re ready when you are.  Whether that’s this week or in several months.  No rush.

[Insert Testimonial Here]

Subject: it’s not too late


Following up regarding the offer for [property_street_address] we made months ago. Can you tell we’re interested? 😉

If you’re ready to get cash for the house, give me a call and we can get the ball rolling!

Hope to talk soon!

[Insert Testimonial Here]

Call Questions

All great follow up campaigns include reaching out with a good old-fashioned phone call.

These are questions you can lead with when you call to follow up with a motivated seller.

  • Did you find a buyer for the house?
  • What’s preventing you from selling right now?
  • If we were able to come up on our offer, would you be ready to sell? (this can actually be a viable option many times because properties can appreciate since you last made an offer)
  • Did you ever x? (Replace x with things like, ‘find a contractor to make the repairs’, ‘get an offer from your Uncle’, ‘find a house to move to’. This will require you to have a system like Forefront CRM where you can keep track of previous communications and notes for the lead.)

Be creative!

As you embark on following up, you will come up with ideas during conversations with motivated sellers that would be perfect as follow up questions or statements. Keep notes of these and add them to your automated follow up sequences!

chapter 7 when to stop follow up graphic When To Stop Following Up

Confirmed as Sold

When they’ve sold and it’s confirmed. Period.

Let me explain the “it’s confirmed” part. Many times you’ll get a seller that says they’ve sold the house. When this is the case, you need to ask them, “so you’ve already closed or do you just have it under contract and you are waiting to close?”

The reason for this is many times, they will just have it under contract and haven’t yet closed. There are a good percentage of times where these deals do not close, especially when the house needs a lot of repairs. This is because they end up with an inexperienced investor or neighbor or relative that can’t get the deal done.

So, here is what you do: Ask when the closing date is and set a reminder to follow up on that day.

Asked To Stop Contacting Them

I know some investors that won’t remove people from mailing lists even after being yelled at for sending mail to them. I don’t advise this. People can and do change their minds after circumstances change so you never really know if they might end up wanting an offer.

The best way to follow up for a really long time is to adjust the time between contact as time goes on.

When a seller is motivated, you’ll want to follow up every day or other day. Then, if they don’t bite, you’ll want to slow it down to once every 5 days to 2 weeks. Then, if still nothing, move to monthly and bi-monthly.

In this way, you can continue to keep in touch without being a nuisance.

What If a Seller Complains to You?

Do not stop contacting them. Simply bump them to a delayed follow up sequence. Set the next contact message to be 6, 9, or 12 months from now. Seriously. Who knows what their situation will be at that point.

Many times the most angry people are under the most amount of stress. They could be the most motivated. Don’t forget this.

Many times the most angry people are under the most amount of stress. They could be the most motivated. Don’t forget this.

Opting Out

Opting out is another story. With the CAN-SPAM act, you could run into issues. If a seller replies STOP to a text, it’s best to not send any more.

The same goes for unsubscribing from emails being sent.

This is where following up manually can be dicey. How the heck to you keep tabs on whether someone replied ‘stop’ or opted-out of your emails?

Let Forefront CRM handle it!

Forefront CRM takes care of both of these situations for you. If a seller replies STOP, the system will no longer allow you to send texts to that contact at that phone number. If the seller clicks the unsubscribe link that goes out with all emails sent from the system, you will not longer be able to send emails to that email address.

This screenshot shows what happens when a seller responds to a text with STOP. You will notice that phone number is now has a strike-through and DNC next to it (DNC stands for Do Not Contact).

How cool is that?!!?

Forefront opt out messages
Forefront removes contact methods if seller opts-out

We’ve got you covered!

chapter 8 encourage team to follow up graphic How to Encourage Your Team to Follow Up

Knowledge gained through experience is wisdom. I know I took a lot of what I knew for granted. This was especially true when it came to training new staff.

We can train our team to take certain steps in a certain order. That’s great.

The problem arises when something happens that is not expected.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

Mike Tyson

Sometimes Your People Will Get Punched in the Mouth

Sometimes your people will be doing follow up and will encounter an angry seller. In the section above, we discussed what to do when you get an angry response.

But, the other side of this is the feeling your team could get that other sellers are feeling the same way. This may cause them to want to avoid or quit follow up altogether.

This happens often! Don’t let it happen to your business.

There will be people that are angry no matter what you do. There will also be people that will tell you that you are an angel sent from heaven because you helped them out.

Let’s assume people think we are angels. It allows us to be more productive and continue following up so that we can help more sellers.

Get Your Team Involved

During one of our bi-weekly Forefront Q&A Zoom calls, a Forefront customer related a story about how their acquisitions person did not want to use automated follow up sequences because they felt it would be too pushy.

They were the “soft” sell type. Which is what I’ve always been, so I get it.

Another customer related how they handled the exact same situation. What Kelly did was had their acquisitions person come up with the messages. This way the “voice” of the messages would fit with their “voice”.

There was complete buy-in now.

You could start with the messages we provide in our drip sequence (click the link below to download them free) and have them modify them to fit their voice. This will save you both a lot of time and help ensure it actually gets done sooner than later.

chapter 9 tools for automating real estate investor follow up graphic Tools For Automating Follow Up

Another way to ensure follow up is always happening is to automate it.

When you automate a lot of your follow up it allows you to:

  • Be more consistent (your messages will be pre-determined and always used)
  • Focus on the conversation when sellers respond to your follow up instead of being overly busy trying to perform all of your follow up
  • Free your team up to improve the follow up instead of being busy performing it
  • Improve your team morale because they are not having to feel like they are wasting their time

Email Platforms

There are a lot of email automation platforms on the market you could put to use. Some of the best are:

While these tools are great at what they do, they can be difficult to integrate with your CRM.

The second problem is they only do email. Creating sequences that do email, sms, tasking for you and your team to call because very difficult.

SMS Platforms

There are almost as many SMS texting platforms as there are email platforms these days. Some of the best SMS texting platforms include:

These platforms suffer from the same issues as the email platforms in that it’s difficult to create a cohesive system to create follow up sequences that include all methods of follow up.

Next, we’ll cover the solution to this problem.

Forefront CRM

Want a way to consistently follow up with sellers without adding more to your workload?

Want a way to have follow up happen without lifting a finger?

That’s what Forefront CRM does extremely well.

Forefront makes following up dead simple.

Zach Mitchell Forefront CRM review

Within Forefront you can:

  • Nurture leads for the long-term by putting them into automatic drip sequences
  • Drip emails, text messages, tasks for your team to call
  • Install our already proven follow up sequences with a single click of your mouse
  • Customize the provided sequences or create new sequences quickly and easily
  • Personalize the follow up messages with data from each lead like the seller’s name and the property address
  • Chain together and reuse follow up sequences so that a lead remains in follow up for several years
  • Automatically pause a sequence if the seller responds to one of the follow up messages
  • Easily resume paused follow up sequences
  • Keep track of how many deals have come from leads that were in follow up
  • So much more!

To learn more about how Forefront allows you to automate your follow up, check out this blog post that has screenshots and walks you through the features in detail:

Blog Post: Automate Follow Up with Forefront CRM

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Proper real estate investor follow up is about marketing like a farmer. Successful farmers do not just plant seeds, water them once and sit back to wait for the harvest.

No, they regularly water and tend to their crops. They even have to prepare the soil before planting. You can prep by making sure to always ask for testimonials. Building your credibility and trust goes a long way in allowing you to beat out your competition.

Some real estate investors get as many as 60%-80% more deals simply because they implement consistent follow up.

Even if you only did 1 or 2 more deals this year because you started properly following up, how much would that make you? $20,000, $40,000, $60,000 or more?!?

Yeah. It’s a no-brainer this is completely worth it. 🙂

The “How”

This guide walked you through the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of follow up.

The “how” is where you can either take a manual approach or an automated approach.

You can do a lot of the grunt work in the beginning when you don’t have many leads coming in. But, from my own experience, we drop the ball far earlier than we should with this.

Getting a solid real estate investor CRM to manage your leads and keep you on top of follow up prevents leads from slipping through the cracks and money being left on the table.

Put leads into your CRM and nurture them until they are ready to harvest.

Have you ever reached out for information about a product or service only to never hear from them? Frustrating right?

Don’t let this happen to motivated sellers that contact you. Keep in touch with them to let them know they still have options. You provide a valuable service that they may eventually need.

Are you ready to build your follow up machine?

Change happens only from action.

Remember how we discussed in the beginning of this guide that most real estate investors (around 93.7%) DO NOT follow up. Even though they know and have been told over and over that fortune is in the follow up, they still don’t do it.

Don’t be that guy or gal. Take action an implement some sequences to follow up in th key areas of the lead life cycle to do more deals.

Dead Simple Follow Up

Forefront CRM makes implementing a follow up machine dead simple.

Forefront isn’t for everybody though. If you’re not generating any leads, you don’t really have anything to follow up with. Some CRM’s try to sell new investors on setting everything up before they get going. Save your money. Take action on getting good leads coming in first. When you’re starting to work leads, we’re ready for you.

Forefront is focused on being the best real estate investor CRM out there. The way we are doing that is focusing on the core competencies of ensuring you know what leads are where in your pipeline and having the most comprehensive follow up system for real estate investors.

We can only achieve this mission by not getting distracted trying to build a huge feature list of features that don’t really matter as much. This is how we’ve created something top real estate investors say is the best they’ve ever used. We don’t a ton of mediocre features, we want to be the best at doing what is most important to help you turn more of your leads into deals.

Forefront real estate investor CRM review

We’d love the opportunity to talk to you on a discovery call to learn more about your business to show you how Forefront can help you achieve your goals.

Click here to check out a recorded demo or book a call with us!


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