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Forefront Pro
$ 137
Per month Get Forefront Pro 14-day Free Trial
Users Unlimited
Leads Qualified leads per account Unlimited
Contacts Contacts per account Unlimited
Follow Ups Allowed follow up steps.
Automated can send SMS/Emails
and create Tasks.
Pipeline Views Create distinct status workflows
or different types of leads
Automations Advanced allow SMS/email/status
Marketing Campaigns Attribute leads to your marketing
campaigns and track costs to get
data and ROI per campaign
Appointments Automated pushes to integrated Google Calendar Automated
Notifications Options for receiving notifications iOS/In App/SMS/Email
KPI's Tracking Automatically track Key Performance Indicators 27 Data Points
Funnel Stats See what stages leads fall out on their
way to becoming a deal
Import & Export Add qualified leads with CSV file
Export as CSV file
End of Day Report Email containing stats for the day
iOS App Access to the Forefront iOS App
Learn more ->
Phone Support Call our rockstar support team
M-F 9AM-4PM Central
Snippets Create notes and SMS messages that can
be reused by you and your team
Mentions Mention team members in notes and
they will be automatically notified
Communication Tracking Integrate with CallRail to track
all inbound/outbound SMS/Calls/Recordings/Voicemails
CallRail Integration Integrate with your CallRail Account
Requires basic CallRail Tracking Plan
GMail Integration Integrate your company email to send
emails from Forefront
Google Calendar Integration Push appointments directly to your team calendar
Google Drive Integration Store your files and house images/videos
in Drive and attach the folder to a lead.
This allows you to control permissions/sharing
Webhooks Hookup website forms and other prospecting
tools to automatically send leads to Forefront
Trusted by hundreds of real estate investment teams
Star Star Star Star Star

"Forefront has been instrumental in allowing me to scale my business with detailed KPI’s that point me to my highest revenue generating lead sources and helping me manage leads from incoming to closed.

It has become my most used tool in taking my business to the next level."

Doug Price Picture
Doug Price
Journey Properties
Star Star Star Star Star

"Convert deals efficiently and effectively! That’s what Forefront enables our team to do without getting bogged down in countless manual tasks, lost leads, and loose ends.

Forefront embeds our business processes so it’s easy for our teammates to focus not on our technology, but on our core business of building relationships with sellers and closing deals."

Don Chamberlin Profile Picture
Don Chamberlin
3D Property Solutions
Star Star Star Star Star

"I love how visual this system is! You log in and all your leads are right there in front of you which makes it easy to quickly determine what needs to be done.

Getting the system set up and configured the way you want it takes no time at all."

Lydia Taylor Picture
Lydia Taylor
Copper Key Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

We have phone support from Monday through Friday, 9AM to 4PM central US time at 210-729-1168. We also offer email support with industry leading response times (usually within 15 minutes).

Forefront comes with a default pipeline workflow you can tweak to your liking to fit your business. So you can start adding leads right away! The typical setup including integrations for pro account with CallRail takes about 1 to 2 hours.

There are a lot of choices for your real estate investor CRM. We get that. We also understand how frustrating it is to sift through all the hype and giant list of features to try and compare all of them. We believe in simplicity. We believe in being the best at the fundamentals. We're headquartered in San Antonio, TX. Think San Antonio Spurs. It's all about the basics. We focus on do all we can do to help you increase the chances that a qualified lead to add to Forefront will become a deal. That's where we are putting all of our focus. Our mission as a company is to help 1,000 real estate investors double their average monthly deals. We hope you will be one of them. 🙂

Nope. You will only pay the monthly cost for the package you choose.

You will always pay what you signed up for. We will be raising prices as we grow our platform, but you will always be grandfathered in as long as you do not cancel.

We do have recommended follow up sequence messages you can use to create your follow up sequences. We always recommend people customize theirs to match their company voice.

Forefront integrates with CallRail, GMail, Google Calendar, Google Drive. Many of our customers also integrate with power prospecting tools like Batch, Mojo, and more.

Nope! You will have full access with the trial. We want to make sure you experience the full power of the system.

You can import qualified leads with a CSV when setting up your account. You can also manually add leads one at a time or setup webhooks to have leads from your LeadPropeller, Carrot, or other website come directly into your Forefront account. You can also set up the system to integrate with CallRail and choose which phone numbers will create a new lead when a new call or SMS is received. Many customers also use Zapier to hook up prospecting software to have new leads created when a seller responds to one of their SMS or RVM campaigns.

Forefront is intended to be your lead conversion tool - to turn qualified leads into deals. To avoid bloat, we intentionally leave prospecting tools for cold calling, direct mail, SMS, RVM etc to other companies because they can do a much better job of it because it's their focus. Our focus in converting leads to deals. We are insanely focused on doing all we can to increase the chances of your turning a lead you bring into the system into a deal.

With your CallRail account integrated, you can end SMS or make calls directly from the system.

Still have questions? Call us at 210-610-6683