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This lead to deal mapping shows the steps each new lead can go through to becoming a deal. Armed with this information, you see the exact points on the journey where building credibility and trust can dramatically improve your chances of getting a deal. Not to mention what implementing the follow up portion will do to explode the number of deals you are doing!

This will allow you to turn more of your leads into deals and dramatically increase your ROI! Download it free now!

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    "We're super excited.. It really put things into perspective when we saw our lead to deal conversion at 3%. That helped us realize right away that there's work to do to get that number way up."

    Abigail F and Jonathon F

    Bordertown Homebuyers

    What you get:

    Get instant access to the downloadable PDF with the exact process mapping used by top real estate investing companies to turn more of their leads into deals.

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