Lead To Deal Walkthrough

Lead To Deal Walkthrough

May 4, 2022

Find out how a lead goes from new lead to deal within Forefront CRM.

Danny walks you through the lead to deal process map as he takes a new motivated seller lead through Forefront real estate investor CRM until it becomes a deal. Learn the exact stages a lead can end up in and what to do to keep it moving forward until it becomes a deal…and ultimately a huge paycheck!

Watch this walkthrough video to learn:

  • The mapping of the different stages a lead goes through as it progresses
  • How new leads appears in your Forefront Inbox automatically and instantly
  • How to ensure you and your team continue to attempt contact until you get ahold of each seller – Never be ghosted again!
  • Which automations allow you to build credibility so you are more likely to win the deal
  • How to make sure follow up happens for EVERY lead so you convert more leads into deals over time

Download the lead to deal process map seen in this video here:

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