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September 10, 2021

Release Notes 09.10.21

We're happy to announce a new feature added to Forefront! Do not Call feature (STOP and CONTINUE) In compliance with new laws for Marketing and prospecting, we have added a STOP and CONTINUE feature. What does that mean for everyone? When a seller or lead replies "STOP" Forefront will block the number from being Texted.When a seller replies "CONTINUE" Forefront… Continue Reading

track marketing per campaign
August 16, 2021

How To Calculate Your True Marketing ROI Per Campaign

We were in the middle of our weekly meeting and it came time to present the KPI's for our marketing. We were behind on our deal goals for the quarter and I was anxious to… Continue Reading

forefront crm improve communication graphic
August 10, 2021

How To Improve Communication To Get More Deals

"I'm not able to make that appointment. Can you go? I've got a personal emergency." My acquisitions manager was asking me to go on an appointment to meet a motivated seller because he wasn't going… Continue Reading

August 6, 2021

Release Notes 08.06.21

We're happy to announce a new feature added to Forefront! The Forefront Store! What is the Forefront Store? The Forefront store is a section of Forefront which allows you to share to other Forefront users the following. Follow up SequencesPipeline ViewsCall ScriptsSnippets We at Forefront will also have the ability to share with you new things we come up with… Continue Reading

Growing a Team Graphic
August 2, 2021

Do This Before Even Thinking About Growing a Team

"Welcome to the team!! Here are your responsibilities!" "Thanks! do I know what I need to do to make sure this all happens." "Oh...ah...just shadow me for a few days, ask questions, take'll… Continue Reading

July 29, 2021

Release Notes 07.29.21

We're happy to announce some BIG new features added to Forefront and bug fixes! Forefront Mobile Web VersionSend Webhooks capability in Follow up sequencesAbility to edit notes coming from your Callscripts Forefront Mobile Web Version! As we lean towards being easily accessible on a Mobile device, aside from having an IOS App, the soon-to-be Android version, we also made the… Continue Reading

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