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Limited Replay : "Do 1-3 More Deals Each Month without Spending $1 More on Marketing"

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Grab Don Costa’s exact lead management and automated follow-up systems that produce an extra 1-3 deals every month on autopilot.  Watch the replay before it’s gone so you can copy & paste the simple systems into your business to start uncovering money you’ve been leaving behind.

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Convert more seller leads into deals with less effort and stress. Copy and paste the same lead conversion system that Don uses to close an extra $15K/month on autopilot without spending more on marketing.

"If you're done guessing about your business and ready to be a real player in your market, you need ForeFront CRM today. It's one simple system for the most important part of your business."

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90-Day Freedom Bundle Masterclass Special - PLUS 6 free bonuses designed to give you more freedom in your business starting today!

3 months of forefront CRM Pro subscription

Robust CRM with automated drip campaigns & visual sales pipeline
Complete call tracking system
Property Data and Comps with hot lead indicator tool and owner information
Scorecard/KPI’s & Reporting

White Glove VIP Implementation + Set-up Service

Let the Forefront team set everything up for you
Install automated campaigns, set up integrations, import data, and more...
You focus on your business and let us do the set-up for you.

No Lead Left Behind Automated Conversion System

Complete Cross Channel Automation Sequence.
Proven Text, Email, and Task Scripts + Sequences to convert leads into deals.
Installed in YOUR ACCOUNT by the ForeFront team.

90-Day Access to Live Acquisitions call Trainings & Coaching

With ForeFront you 'll have more opportunities with sellers to close deals.
This EXPERT *LIVE* Training breaks down actual calls with sellers.
Negotiate better deals and learn directly from active investors on what it takes to convert more offers into PROFITS

5 Steps to Crush Cold Calling – Outbound Marketing Workshop

Recorded training from active investors to get more leads on the phone.
Downloadable PDF client sheet for talking with sellers to close more deals.

Direct Mail Hacks – Inbound Marketing Masterclass

Build predictable inbound lead flow each month through mailers.
Master the most common inbound marketing strategy from the experts.

Deal Funding – Bulletproof Strategies for Finding Private Money

Step-by-step guide to finding private lenders to fund 100% of your deals.
Downloadable PDF + Video training with everything you need.

Total Retail Cost: $5,089

The simple tool designed to help investors like you close more deals with less effort and stress

Contact & Lead Management

Automatically capture and track your most important leads with the CRM built just for investors. No lead will ever be left behind again.

Property Data & Comps

Run your comps, see the owner’s name & mailing address, mortgage info and hot lead indicators give you all the tools you need to make more winning offers.

Phone Call Tracking

Track the source and activity of all your inbound and outbound phone calls with ForeFront.

Automated Follow-Up

Convert more of your leads into deals with our automated follow-up system. 3X your deals without spending more on marketing.

Pipeline Visibility & Automation

Maintain Control of your deals from new lead, qualification, follow-up, offer made to closed deal with a simple-to-use platform.

Investors run better businesses when they use forefront CRM

Wholesalers, rehabbers, landlords, creative finance, and land investors are switching to forefront to do more deals with less money, less marketing efforts, and less stress.

"Forefront has been instrumental in allowing me to scale my business with detailed KPI’s that point me to my highest revenue generating lead sources and helping me manage leads from incoming to closed. It has become my most used tool in taking my business to the next level."
Doug Price
Journey Properties LLC
"ForeFront is sending hundreds of texts and emails on a weekly basis without us lifting a finger, leading to constant revived interactions with leads that would have been forgotten about in other systems."
Zach Mitchel
Zenn Homebuyers LLC
"With several memers on our team, we love having the ability to see all of each other's communication in one place. I'm able to listen to my assistant's call, see past sms messages, and send a new text all without ever leaving the lead!"
Dan Franks
Jeannette And Dan Buy Houses

Create a ForeFront account today and gain immediate access to resources to grow your business efficiently:

90-Days ForeFront Pro
White Glove Implementation & Set-up service
Automated Cross Channel Conversion Campaigns
Live Acquisitions Call Training & Coaching (Bi-monthly)
On-Demand Workshop - 5 Steps To Crush Cold Calling
On-Demand Workshop - Direct Mail Hacks Masterclass
On-Demand Workshop - Bulletproof Strategies For Finding Private Money
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